Substance Abuse

Macomb Prevention Network

Vision:  Macomb Prevention Network (MPN) will work with local coalitions to achieve safe and drug free ~communities in Macomb County.

Mission: “MPN will promote safe and drug free communities by providing prevention information, creating a network for collaboration and training, and serving as a resource to local drug free community coalitions in the county.”


Agenda (register with [email protected]) Minutes Handouts
Congressman Sandy Levin Event January 23, 2104   Integrating Substance Abuse and Mental Health with Health Care CADCA
Mobilizing Michigan
April 29, 2013 (Press Conf/Call to Action)

Mobilizing Michigan Launch!

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March 20, 2013
(1pm - 3 pm)

Mobilizing Michigan: Protecting Our Kids from Marijuana Tool kit
Facebook Contact Sheet to email
Facebook reproducable Sheet to hand out
Ideas to assist Coalitions Roll Out this Campaign

January 30, 2013
Creating a social marketing campaign- Mobilize Michigan: Protecting kids from Marijuana

Mobilizing Michigan PPT (Macomb)
Mobilizing Michigan PPT notes
Mobilizing Michigan Overview of Toolkit
Mobilizing Michigan Coalition Discussion
Post Card front (Parents talk)
Post Card back (Parents talk)

September 29, 2012: Joint DEA, Coalition and Law Enforcement TAKE BACK N/A

Take Back Flyer
Macomb Permanent Medication Drop Off Sites

April 25, 2012: Getting Service Organizations Involved in Coalitions!
(MISD noon - 2pm: room 202)
Minutes Service Organization Contact List
February 29, 2012: DATA
(MISD noon - 2pm: room 202)

PowerPoint: Data Driven Detroit Macomb Demographics by Kurt Metzger
Data links document
Macomb Assessing the Burden of Illicit Drugs 2010 Doc
Warren Liquor Stores

January 25, 2012: Mobilizing a Prescription Take Back Guest speaker Dr. Charlene McGunn N/A

Take Back Planning List
PowerPoint: How To do a Take Back
Worksheet to Organize Event
Sample Mailer
Sample Safe Disposal Flyer (10-29-11)
Sample Take Back Survey
Press Release Sample
Rx Disposal flowchart

December 7, 2011: Coalition Fundamentals


What is a Coalition?

October 26, 2011: Social Media & Above the Influence

N/A Social Networking by Amy Kaherl
Kent County "Above the Influence" by Shannon Cohen
May 25, 2011: Norming: Agenda Minutes PowerPoint
March 23, 2011: Coalition Leadership Agenda Minutes

The Right Formula for Coalition SuccessStrengthening Partnerships Toolkit excerpt
Leadership: What's Needed to Make Your Coalition Stronger?
Template for Minutes and Assignments

January 26, 2011: Data Driven Decision Agenda Minutes

Macomb Burden Document Summary 2010
CADCA Excerpt from Assessment Primer
Data Interpretation Presentation by Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster Ph.D.
How do we analyze data?: Which universities can help?
How Do We Know We Are Making a Difference?
Interpretation of YRBS Trend Data
Data Driven Dialogue (tips)

Upcoming Event Flyer

Adolescent and Substance Abuse: How do we help them? June 20, 2014

Past Events

Substance Abuse and Seniors: A Serious Problem April 4, 2104

The Myth of "Study Drugs" Feb 28, 2014 Notes

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