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Videos Beginning with "N"

Program One: "Reasons for Help" - Community members from Littleton, Colorado discuss their healing processes and their hopes for the future. Another school system in Columbia, South Carolina examines a school-community program called "Early Alliance" supporting young children, their families, and teachers. (46 Min.) Program Two: "Building a Safe and Responsive School Climate" - Creating safe, responsible, and respectful environments for young people takes the will and commitment of the whole community. This broadcast will look at the components that go into establishing a nurturing and predictable school climate. (60 Min.) Program Three: "Early Signals of Distress" - How does a system identify and respond to warning signs of distress in children? What are some of the effective and comprehensive responses? What is an appropriate role for the school and its employees? How do we avoid stigmatizing children who may be in trouble? This program will look at two school communities and their efforts to understand and heed the messages that young people send. (45 Min.)
Selected Audience:   Adults-Home/School/Community

This is an anti-drug video featuring Isaiah Thomas, Detroit Pistons' guard and two-time Most Valuable Player in the NBA all-star game. The video spell out the three-step approach to saying no to drugs developed by the "Just Say No" Foundation. (1987, 12 Min.)
Selected Audience:   Elementary school

This is an engaging documentary that provides teenagers with essential information in a lively and accessible format. It also presents them with a model of open communication about topics such as HIV transmission, the influence of drugs and alcohol on sexual behavior, condoms, abstinence and HIV testing. The video features personal stories and information presented by teenagers through storytelling, humorous role playing and condom how-to's. (1992, 23 Min.)
Selected Audience:   High school

The danger of crack are dramatized in this video which focuses on a teenager named Carly, a 13 year old who becomes addicted, her drug-free friend Meg, and a teen drug dealer named James. (1988, 40 Min.)
Selected Audience:   Junior high