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The effects of crystal meth abuse being both psychological and physical in nature are discussed by Dr. David Ohlm. The drug, the addict will feel an increase in energy, alertness and a decreased appetite. During withdrawals, the user feel extreme fatigue, an increased appetite and is susceptible to psychological problems including depression, paranoia and hallucinations, and in some cases suicidal tendencies and violent outbursts. (2000, 20 Min.)
Selected Audience:   Teens/Adults ***Requires notice to pick up.

This video extensively interviews five former users as a means of exploring the cycle of addiction and learning first-hand the risks involved in methamphetamine use and addiction. In exploring this cycle of addiction, it provides young viewers with timely and accurate information to foster informed choices. (1998, 28 Min.)
Selected Audience:   High School

TEENS AND METH - Running on Empty
This program is designed to educate young people on the facts of D-Methamphetamine abuse, rather than accepted peer lore and hearsay. The introduction is designed for teens to understand that Meth is not the answer to coping with rapid change and peer pressure. (1998, 30 Min.)
Selected Audience:   Teen/Young Adult