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Dual Diagnosis

Dr. Bert Pepper gives a keynote address to The Information Exchange fifth annual national conference. The young adult long-term clients are overviewed with an emphasis on the int ersection of psychiatric difficulties with drug and alcohol problems. (1989, 45 Min.)
Selected Audience:   Counselors

This video is a powerful and innovative examination of the complicated relationship between chemical dependency and psychiatric illness. Through a series of vignettes, this video addresses four of the most common psychiatric disorders found in combination with chemical abuse: depression, anxiety, antisocial behavior and borderline personality disorder. Each vignette shows symptoms or effects of combined disorders, but more importantly, addresses recovery issues and positive coping strategies. Emphasizing the value of professional therapy and self-help programs, and the sensitive issue of medication. Part I: Mood and Anxiety Disorders (30 Min.), Part II: Personality Disorders (30 Min.) (1990)
Selected Audience:   Family members/Mental health/ Substance abuse professionals

In early diagnosis of drug abusers, the drug counselor must be properly trained to screen the patient for mental sickness that may have been masked by self-medication. Dual Diagnosis video emphasizes how simultaneous focus is of critical concern to successful treatment of multiple illnesses. (1993, 27 Min.)
Selected Audience:   All target audiences/Treatment counselors